Guest Episode 001 - Jason Block - SSB Music Trivia

March 26, 2017

Welcome to our first guest episode of SSB! Jason Block, $125,000 winner on Who Wants to be a Millionaire and 4 day Jeopardy! Champion is here to host your favorite music trivia podcast! Did you manage the perfect 17? If you're interested in hosting, please contact me on Facebook (SomethingSomethingBirds) or @RunTheStairs on Twitter. Review us on iTunes!


Episode 005 - SSB Music Trivia

March 22, 2017

SSB will now be giving you the music trivia twice a week going forward (Mondays and Thursdays!). Find us on iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn, and Podbean. Can you score the elusive 17? Listen for a chance to get a Something, Something Birds! sticker in your mailbox!


Episode 004 - SSB Music Trivia

March 20, 2017

8 songs. Name the Title, the Artist and the Common Bond. We are on iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn, Facebook and Twitter! Interact and let us know how you did! If you want to guest host a round, get in touch with me on Twitter or Facebook! Let us know how you did!


Episode 003 - SSB Music Trivia

March 17, 2017

We are now on iTunes, Stitcher, and Facebook! Your favorite music trivia podcast is back with another 8 songs. Can you get a perfect 17 today? Let us know how you do on the Facebook Page, and make sure you share, subscribe and review on iTunes. If you have an idea for a round, feel free to message me at Facebook or @RunTheStairs on Twitter. What's the name of that song?


Episode 002 - SSB Music Trivia

March 16, 2017

Something, Something Birds! is a music trivia podcast similar to your music round at the pub. 8 songs, 17 total points: 8 for the titles. 8 for the artists, 1 for the common bond.

You can contact me @RunTheStairs with any questions. Let me know how you do! 


Pilot Episode - 001 - SSB Music Trivia

March 13, 2017

Nevermind the echo - This is the pilot episode of Something, Something Birds, a music trivia podcast similar to your music round at the pub. 8 songs, 17 points. 8 for the titles, 8 for the artists, 1 for the common bond.

The next few episodes will be more polished. This is an attempt to figure out if this is a type of trivia people are looking for. Hit me up @runthestairs on Twitter with any feedback (and your score!)