Episode 012 - SSB Music Trivia

April 18, 2017

SSB bringing you the music trivia that you know and love... 8 songs, 8 titles, 8 artists, 1 common connection. Can you score the perfect 17?

Warning: This episode may have lyrics that have the occasional "not-clean" word. If this is something that bothers you, please listen to the back catalogue and wait until next week.


Episode 011 - SSB Music Trivia

April 15, 2017

Happy Easter / Passover / Vaisakhi or any other holiday you may be celebrating... (or, if you're not celebrating, Happy Sunday!)

SSB is coming out a day early this week! If you're with family, have them listen to the podcast together! If they like it, grab their phones and subscribe to the podcast for them! Typical round this episode, 8 songs, what's the title, the artist and the connection for a perfect 17.

I know I promised a guest hosting episode, but I hit a snafu with the editing. Patience, and I'll get that out as a bonus episode soon! Happy holidays!


Episode 010 - SSB Music Trivia

April 12, 2017

10 episodes in, and we already have 2,000 downloads. That's pretty freaking cool.

Your typical SSB game today. 8 songs, name the artist, the title and the connection for a perfect 17. Think you're the music trivia maven this week? Let me know how you did @RunTheStairs on Twitter and @SomethingSomethingBirds on Facebook.


Episode 009 - SSB Music Trivia

April 9, 2017

Something, Something, Birds is here with another 8 songs. Can you name the titles, the artists and the common connection between the songs for a perfect 17? 

Feel free to reach out to me @RunTheStairs on Twitter and Something Something Birds on Facebook! Leave us reviews! We are stuck at 11! Is your trivia mind ready to go?


Episode 008 - SSB Music Trivia

April 5, 2017

Something, Something, Birds! this week definitely has some lyrics, so fear not if you were missing the words from the last episode! Same rules apply: 8 songs. 1 point per title, 1 point per artist, 1 point for the connection.

I received some feedback to slow down during the answer phase, you'll hear a difference in this episode. Let me know if you like the change. Reach out @RunTheStairs on Twitter or Something Something Birds on Facebook!


Episode 007 - SSB Music Trivia

April 2, 2017

Something, Something Birds has a real challenge for you. 8 songs.... 8 titles, 8 artists and 1 connection between the songs. Can you figure it all out for the perfect 17? This episode is especially hard, so get yourself psyched.


Make sure you're reviewing us on iTunes, subscribing, and telling all your friends! 


Episode 006 - SSB Music Trivia

March 29, 2017

SSB's Music Trivia - 8 songs, 8 artists, 8 titles.... 1 connection. Can you get the perfect 17? If you're interested in guest-hosting a podcast, interested in letting me know how you did, or just have some feedback, I'm on Facebook (Something Something Birds) or Twitter (@RunTheStairs)


Guest Episode 001 - Jason Block - SSB Music Trivia

March 26, 2017

Welcome to our first guest episode of SSB! Jason Block, $125,000 winner on Who Wants to be a Millionaire and 4 day Jeopardy! Champion is here to host your favorite music trivia podcast! Did you manage the perfect 17? If you're interested in hosting, please contact me on Facebook (SomethingSomethingBirds) or @RunTheStairs on Twitter. Review us on iTunes!


Episode 005 - SSB Music Trivia

March 22, 2017

SSB will now be giving you the music trivia twice a week going forward (Mondays and Thursdays!). Find us on iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn, and Podbean. Can you score the elusive 17? Listen for a chance to get a Something, Something Birds! sticker in your mailbox!


Episode 004 - SSB Music Trivia

March 20, 2017

8 songs. Name the Title, the Artist and the Common Bond. We are on iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn, Facebook and Twitter! Interact and let us know how you did! If you want to guest host a round, get in touch with me on Twitter or Facebook! Let us know how you did!