Episode 023 - SSB Music Trivia

June 23, 2017

Welcome to this week's music trivia fix - Something, Something Birds! Do you have what it takes to score your perfect 17 this week? Let me know how you score @RunTheStairs on Twitter or somethingsomethingbirds@gmail.com


Episode 022 - SSB Music Trivia

June 14, 2017

*Warning: This week's connection utilizes homophones!* Episode 3 of our "Summer, Summer Birds" weekly episodes. I'm melting in NYC as we speak here to give you the weekly music trivia fix that you crave. Can you get your perfect 17 by naming 8 artists, 8 titles and the common connection?


Episode 021 - SSB Music Trivia

June 8, 2017

Welcome to another Summer Episode of Something Something Birds! Are you ready to figure out the 8 songs, the 8 artists and the connection?

Although I think many of you will get the connection this week, will you catch the elusive 17? Let me know how you do @RunTheStairs on twitter or at somethingsomethingbirds@gmail.com!


Episode 020 - SSB Music Trivia

June 1, 2017

We're back, and weekly for the summer! Expect your SSB fix every Thursday until September! Are you ready to tackle 8 songs? The perfect score is 17. For a perfect score this week, you'll have to know music from the 1950's to 2017, and know your pop culture for your connection....


Are you game? If you can Beat Shazam, can you beat me? SomethingSomethingBirds@gmail.com


Episode 019 - SSB Music Trivia

May 27, 2017

Did you "Beat Shazam" and now are you looking for a greater trivia challenge? Welcome to Something Something Birds, the podcast where you have to name the song, the artist and the common connection between the songs!


Reach out at somethingsomethingbirds@gmail.com, or @RunTheStairs on twitter!


Guest Episode 003 - Max Meiners (Offbeat Tracks) - SSB Music Trivia

May 22, 2017

Today we welcome Max Meiners, a trivia buddy of mine and one of the hosts of Offbeat Tracks! There's a few offbeat tracks in his list.... can you come up with a perfect 17?


As always, email at somethingsomethingbirds@gmail.com if you have an idea, or just feel like talking to me! My Twitter is @RunTheStairs.


Episode 018 - SSB Music Trivia

May 17, 2017

***Important Note*** Starting June 1st, the podcast will be going to 1 day per week so I can enjoy the summer break with my two littlest birds!


Can you get the perfect 17 this week? 8 songs. 8 artists. 1 connection! 

If you've left a review and haven't gotten your sticker yet, it's because I misplaced your address! Email me at somethingsomethingbirds@gmail.com.


Episode 017 - SSB Music Trivia

May 11, 2017

We announce the winner of the prize podcast and we have another round! 8 songs, 8 artists, 8 titles, 1 connection, 17 points.


Happy mother's day to everyone celebrating! :) See you all with a new podcast on Monday! Flex those trivia muscles!


Episode 016 - SSB Music Trivia

May 8, 2017

Another 8 songs! Another push for the perfect 17! There may be one or two songs on this list that's bound to trip you up... are you ready to get that perfect 17?


If you know anyone else who would be interested in SSB, share the podcast with them and have them enter before the prize round ends!


Episode 015 - PRIZE ROUND #1 - SSB Music Trivia

May 3, 2017

Get excited! Our first prize round is here! Will you be one of our lucky winners? You could be! Make sure you listen to the whole podcast to find out!


Our rules, 8 songs. 17 points. One prize round. E-mail all answers to somethingsomethingbirds@gmail.com.


Will you be one of the winners? Also, share with your friends! The more entries we have, the more winners we can crown!